Boek The Book of Synchronicity

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Boek ”The Book of Synchronicity”
The Game of Divination

Falco Tarassaco

The Book of Synchronicity is a divination tool that Falco Tarassaco transcribed from the great astral
records of humanity. Falco (1950-2013) was a visionary alchemist and a spiritual master. He inspired
the creation of the spiritual community of Damanhur and its magnificent Tempels of Humankind.

Whenever you consult this Book following the simple ritual presented in the intro, you tap into the forces of Synchronicity,
and acces the source of wisdom contained in these ancient formulas.

Focus on your questions with a pure intent, and then throw a dice four times:
the answer will be the most appropriate for your current situation,
among more than two million possible synchronistic combinations.

The Book of Synchronicity draws upon universal wisdom to help you solve personal problems, open new
perspectives, and gain insight into your spiritual evolution.

“Brother and Sister, my body is diveded into six parts, you can access it with the throw of a dice.

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