Boek Spirals of Energy

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Boek Spirals of Energy
The Ancient Art of Selfica – Damanhur

Esperide Ananas.

A fascinating and mysterious discipline, “Selfica” creates objects made of metal, inks and colors that can interact with the environment in a positive way.
Selfic structures enhance personal well-being, sensitivity, and mental and physical balance.
Be it jewellery, metal stuctures or paintings, Selfic devices also help their users to learn more about themselves and get in touch with energetic dimensions and information fields different from those in which we are normally immersed.

Selfica, developed through the research and teaching of Overto “Falco” Airaudi, founder of Damanhur, Federation of communities, is actually an ancient art-science, already known and used by many people in the past.

This book recounts the experiments of many researchers and enthusiasts as well as those of the author, who has personally participated in many exciting experiences. It is a journey into a new dimension where time, space, emotions and memory respond to laws which are very different from those we are used to…